poole in the second world war
a brief history of what is still there to this day
spetisbury auxiliary base
I parked my car in a field nearby and headed up into the woods. I was slightly put on my senses as I heard gun shots relatively nearby, and with the large abundance of pheasants around me I was slightly concerned about where I was going. I soon came to where the base was marked on the map, I had no information on the site and had no idea if it was even still there. Luckily though I instantly came across a lot of old corrugated iron. It was in a strange shape and at first I thought it to be what was left of the base, but then I noticed that the iron was only in small strips and there was a lot of chicken wire on top of it. I believe this to be a pheasant run (I'm not sure if that is the correct name for a pheasant enclosure) as I found an intact one about 50 meters away. I moved on and soon found more corrugated iron and also a steam saw, the type that would use a traction engine for power, I also came across some bits of pipe. As I walked around nearly everywhere I trod there was corrugated iron under my feet. Interestingly there are recent pictures on line that show bits of the base still intact. Perhaps it has now gone or maybe I just missed it.
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