poole in the second world war
a brief history of what is still there to this day
Hengistbury Head
It is never a good thing when you start out looking for a site using the document given to the contractor in charge with demilitarising the area, but that was the best I was going to get. Up until 1948 Hengistbury Head was a large military camp with fourteen pill boxes, 86 weapons pits, a coastal artillery battery and a chain home radar station. At the time it would have been one of the biggest military bases in the area, but now nothing but rubble remains. Interestingly some cables do still remain from the radar station by the south end of double dike, an iron age defensive ditch that was also used in the second world war. A Bofors gun emplacement is still visible by the top of the quarry, but the main camp just next to it is non-existent, along with the coastal battery.
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