poole in the second world war
a brief history of what is still there to this day
Green park
This is definitely one of the more interesting sites, and yes I say that quite a lot but it does still have relevance. Green park is the small patch of land situated opposite the Shah of Persia pub in central Poole. You have probably driven past this site many times with out ever realising what was there. All that is now visible of the air raid shelter, is the entrance to the steps leading down into the ground, now blocked up. Until recreantly it was still possible to get into the bunker via a man hole cover, but this has now been welded up, and it will probably remain that way. There is another man hole cover just to the side and this could still lead into the bunker, so might be worth checking out. 
There are some pictures of this site on the urban explorer.

I suggest that you read carefully through the comments, I have found them to be a great source of information