poole in the second world war
a brief history of what is still there to this day
RAF Tarrant Rushton
I always enjoy exploring airfields, simply because of the vast quantities of things that can be found, and this was not going to be a disappointment. Although by no means having as much left as say RAF Ibsley, Tarrant Rushton certainly has a lot there. At the bottom of the site there is an almost completely intact bomb preparation area, including four bomb loading platforms and the remains of a large Nissen hut. Most of the runways have now been turned back to fields but bits do still remain. Several hangers are still in existence now being used as barns. The domestic site at the top of the air field is not in very good shape, with most of the buildings and foundations being removed, but some do still remain.

During the exploration of the site I found these photographs came in handy.