poole in the second world war
a brief history of what is still there to this day
Canford heath
I have never researched a site with so many myths and rumours around it, but I think I can say with relative certainty that I know what is there. Canford heath or the great heath as it used to be known was used as a training site during the second world war and it was also used by the TA in the 1960s. Due to this many cartridges are still found on the heath, and there are lots of rumours of children's extensive collections! There were never any concrete buildings on the heath just wooden huts. All that is left are slit trenches and bomb craters. There was a decoy site where the landfill is now but I don't believe there to be anything left. Apparently there is/was an air raid shelter in the woods near Canford arena, but whether or not this is still in existence or if in fact it is actually an air raid shelter I do not know. There are/were many water tanks and covered reservoirs on the heath which I believe many people are getting confused with. There are supposedly ammunition stores still on the heath although I think to be quite unlikely. There are also some concrete objects behind the crematorium which may be second world war.
Slit trenches located at 50.759316, -1.952376